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Loungers Purchase Knowledge

addtime:2016-6-9 6:09:58

Loungers Purchase Knowledge

First, look at the weight:

Quality core recliner is the main frame structure - steel, steel is good, the whole shelf was firm. How to determine the most intuitive way is to look at the weight. The same style, heavier, then the relatively thick steel material does not cut corners.

Second, look at the process:

Using a steel surface "spray technology" process, high hardness, more wear-resistant, glossier. If using a "baking" process, the steel surface is prone to scratches cause rust easily oxidized, and not shiny. If you spray this process is difficult to imagine, you know, senior security door, it will certainly be used in the surface treatment spray process. They can be purchased at the time of purchase according to your needs.

Third, look Material:

One thing to note is that some products in order to reach a certain weight, some of the tubes are cut off waste materials feet or small pieces of stuffed pipe, in order to achieve the purpose of weight gain. Such a chair can easily bend the pipe to sit out, you need to own more than one eye a look at.

Fourth, look at the details:

Quality from the details. Since the plant equipment and technology is different, the details are somewhat gap. The main attention to two points, first, to see whether the rough steel burrs; second is to look "steel pipe joint activities," Is there an arc process. If you ignore these details, in the course it will be very easy to scratch hands sharp burrs or sharp.

Rattan loungers maintenance

1, to avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading rattan, dry.

2, do not make contact with and away from fire, heat source, not a long time in the sun, or easily deformed, bent, cracked, loose and release.

3, primary colors rattan furniture renovation approach: first clean dry, then polish with sandpaper rattan furniture, pergolas outside, so that the skin to remove stains and restore smooth, then a layer of varnish to protect, namely a new look.

4, rattan in use for some time, can wipe the salt water rattan furniture, not only decontamination, but it kept enduring flexibility, there is a certain role in pest control.

Clean rattan loungers

Because rattan furniture gray surface reservoirs where more is clean with a vacuum cleaner to suck again, or with a soft brush brushed the dust from the inside out first, then wipe with a wet rag a little again, and finally wipe clean with a soft cloth that is can.

Wooden loungers maintenance

1, the general maintenance once every quarter to focus on available cargo floor wax car wax on the surface of the furniture and waxing.

2, the furniture should be placed in dry indoor air environment, dust-proof cover surface shading materials, avoid product placement in the stuffy and humid environment, in order to avoid mildew.

Clean wooden loungers

Cleaning can be vacuumed once or with a soft brush brushed the dust from the inside out first, then a little wet wipes clean white cotton cloth, and wipe the moisture with a dry white cotton cloth, and finally with a small power hair dryer blowing dry.

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