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Chinese consumer consumption upgrade outdoor

addtime:2016-6-4 16:01:08

Recently, the China Textile Association Outdoor Club (COCA) published "China Outdoor 2015 annual report," the data show that China's outdoor market in general to maintain growth.

"Report" from 2013 to more than 60 interviews with industry veterans, as many as 300 copies of the questionnaire, is an in-depth report on the outdoor industry development status and trends. The report analyzes the development of the outdoor industry and drive several factors causing its decline.

Outdoor Textile Association vice chairman Mr. Li Chang added that the outdoor industry in 2015 total retail sales reached 22.19 billion yuan, retail sales reached 12.111 billion yuan, an increase of 12.22%. Small base, China's large population, the country is the development stage of these three basic factors determine the development of China's outdoor market must grow up.

"Report" shows that China outdoor industry from around the year 2000 is a watershed, from 1995 to 2000, the popularity of the early stages of the development of China's outdoor store in 2000 really become a popular consumer products, consumers began to frequent contact with outdoor products, and put it Select one of the categories as apparel goods. According to statistics, Lynx Outdoor Emergency underwear sales of 16 million, before this is hard to imagine. Moreover, tents, sleeping bags, tents civilian sales growth is also very fast. This shows that Outdoor is already widespread and penetrated into people's lives to go, which is the key factor driving the entire outdoor industry.

At the same time, not just the electricity supplier of outdoor products sales channels, but also to promote its platform, outdoor equipment, first because of the electricity supplier, the entity shop for pulling effect is very obvious. Second, electricity providers covering the physical stores can not cover the place, including township and county.

"Report" shows to promote our outdoor products sales growth is also a factor in industry competition and product homogeneity more serious condition. Because of these two factors make the brand compete on price, potentially promote the sales growth.

"Report" that the Chinese consumer spending on outdoor products in the upgrade. Foreign media reports, the luxury consumption in China's middle class, sports equipment than any other luxury consumption. Which it reflects two concepts: First, from the middle of this group, the size of the market is very large, but also includes not only sports equipment outdoor equipment, including wearable and other equipment. Second, the past two years, sports equipment has become synonymous with high-end lifestyle, whether leisure or professional brand brands are doing professional equipment. Meanwhile booming new sport of outdoor equipment and also to the entire outdoor industry has brought new growth points, such as skiing, riding and camping. According to the "White Paper on the ski industry," Statistics, the number of Chinese skiing has reached 12.5 million people, while the number of people riding China's 20 million people, have been built car camping 1700.

However, everything has two sides, the market for outdoor products industry has created favorable factors, there are some industries caused by slowed down, falling profits factors, there are three aspects: First, reduce consumer impulse shopping and outdoor durability characteristics, so that decrease in the number of consumers shopping. Followed by changes in consumer behavior resulting in the store affected. According to the survey found that there are a lot of outdoor supplies stores in the mall adjustment, some off, some were adjusted to the relatively remote location. The third part of the brand is weak follow.

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