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Outdoor lounge chairs different materials Maintenance

addtime:2016-6-4 16:02:06

Outdoor lounger should pay attention to maintenance, but also need to be based on the material, different materials have different maintenance methods. Here to tell you about wood and rattan outdoor loungers Maintenance:

    Wooden deck chairs

    Cleaning Note:

    First with a soft brush to brush dust from the inside out or vacuumed again, and then clean with a slightly damp white cotton cloth to wipe again with a dry white cotton cloth water, and finally with a small power hair dryer.

    Conservation considerations:

    Each quarter, the need for a focus on maintenance, such as the use of car wax floor wax cargo surface waxing.

    Avoid furniture placed in a moist unventilated area, in order to avoid mildew; in addition to the furniture on the indoor ventilated, dry place, the surface of the light-shielding material is preferably cast dust.

    Rattan loungers

    Cleaning Note:

    Wicker furniture gray surface reservoirs where more can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner to suck again, or with a soft brush brushed the dust from the inside out first, then wipe it again with a wet rag a little, and finally wipe clean with a soft cloth .

    Maintenance Note:

    Sunlight makes rattan material fade, dry, avoid direct sunlight to the place.

    Away from fire, heat, avoid prolonged exposure, or easily deformed, bent, cracked, loose and release.

    After a period of use, wipe the salt water is available, both decontamination, while maintaining its flexibility, there is a certain role in pest control.

    Colors rattan furniture refurbishing process: first clean dry, after sanding furniture, pergolas, epidermal stain removal and restore smooth, then a layer of varnish to protect, that has a brand new effect.

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